Green Policy

It is our commitment to preserve the rainforest for the generations to come by limiting human activity and to minimising our carbon footprint.

Green Policy - Waste


  • Promoting reusable drinking bottles
  • Refill station with filtered drinking water
  • 100% biodegradable bags
  • 100% biodegradable lunch boxes made of oil palm tree
  • Dedicated dispensers for hair and body shampoo
  • Bulk purchase to reduce packaging waste
  • Segregate and recycle waste
Green Policy - Water


  • Wastewater are treated with Effective Micro Organism (EM)
  • We use EM mud balls to improve water quality
  • Fermented kitchen waste are mixed into a compost and sent to FACE Foundation nursery as fertilisers
Green Policy - Chemical


  • We use eco-friendly detergents
  • We use and sell of eco-friendly insect repellant
  • We provide eco-friendly amenities containing natural ingredients
Green Policy - Local


  • Local produce are used to reduce carbon footprint and to stimulate local economy
  • Employment opportunities for the locals are steadily provided
  • Local products are being sold and promoted at the gift shop
  • Eco-detergent, natural shampoos and fruity bath gels are all manufactured in Malaysia
  • Other guest amenities such as the natural coconut soap is produced in Sabah
  • Environmental education programmes are organised around Sabah
Green Policy - Energy


  • The chalets are built according to the passive design principles
  • All chalets are equipped with fans
  • Solar powered water heaters are installed en-suite
  • Energy saving light bulb and LED lighting are installed in all our premises
Green Policy - Noise


  • Electric generators are insulated with sound proofing material to reduce noise
Nov. 17, 2018

Green Sunday: Recycle, Reuse and Organic Planting

Participant BRL staffs from all department had participated in Green Sunday activity carried by BRL Green Practice Department on the 17 November 2013.

Click here for details (pdf)
July 27, 2018

Green Sunday: EM Mud Ball Fun

Borneo Rainforest Lodge has implemented EM technology in treating waste water of the lodge since 2010. EM stands for Effective Microorganism, an all natural blend of beneficial microorganism.

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May 8, 2014

9th Green Event: Turn Waste Into Cleaning Soap & Compost

Borneo Rainforest Lodge achieve success in reducing waste by turning all kinds of kitchen wastes into cleaning soap and compost.

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